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Long-time great drivers deserve low rates

You’ve spent a lifetime on the road and now you’re settled down in your ways. And although you may have had a speeding ticket (or 2!) decades ago, your auto insurance rates shouldn’t punish you for that today. Or maybe you had a fender bender back in the 1990’s. Again, time has passed and you’re probably considered one of the safest drivers on the road.

So your auto insurance should reflect these things. And the truth of the matter is that most seniors auto insurance does not reflect how alert, how cautious, and overall, how good of a driver they are.

Fidelity Auto Insurance rewards you for being a safe driver throughout the decades. Not many other agencies can make that claim. Care to see how much you could save on your auto insurance, now that you’re settled down?

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With one call, Fidelity Auto Insurance shops A-rated auto insurance carriers who are known to have affordable insurance rates for consumers getting up in their years. Companies like Allstate, The Hartford, and AARP-backed carriers offer rates up to 20% off market rates for those with good driving records and years of experience on the road.

The Perks

When it comes to additional perks, above and beyond your standard liability and “comp and collision”, Fidelity Auto insurance carriers know how to make you feel good about your switch.

Many of the following services of free of charge, including:

Deductible rewards such as a vanishing deductible

Car buying service (never haggle again!)

Safe driving bonus

Accident forgiveness

Claim satisfaction guarantee

Multi-car and multi-policy discounts

Rate reductions for auto-withdrawals, paperless billing and upfront payments

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